Found 24th May 2007
am in desperate need of some advice,
G/friend agreed over the phone with cpw (thought it was orange on the phone!!) to an upgrade / extention to her existing osps current, picked phone up this eve (6300) and it's an 18mth contract!! she's adamant the length of contract was'nt mentioned (yeh i know she should'a insisted on a 12mth deal, i told her often enough!!)
anyhoo i assumed under the 14 day cooling off period they'd have to take it back but there quoting some cr*p that because its an upgraded contract the phone can be returned but the contract stands, is this true? all this took place on the strength of a phone call and CPW are going to come back to us after they find the taped conversation!!

any help advice would be most appreciated



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i thought a contact as such had to be signed? and any contract i believe can be cancelled within the 14 days

yh thats kind of true or you will end up paying a big fee.

since you upgraded it means you are carrying from your previous contract so i think the fee will be the rest of the contract in some places.

whereas if you started a new contract you have a option within 7/14 days

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yeh the pivital issue is the "renewal" of the contract, not being legally trained i've no idea how it's interepted in law, (though the seller will always play it in there favour)
the thing i keep coming back to is the basic rule on the DTI site re: distance selling rules: 7 day cooling off period

just cause its called an upgrade or whatever dos'nt allow them to sidestep a basic rule of trading, or does it???

any budding lawyers out there fancy a pop at CPW?? in jest obv. i feel if challenged they'll bottle, but you never know!!

cheers for the advice people

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