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Found 15th Nov 2007
Right my other car recentley died on me so I need to buy new one. As I have university I just want to buy something cheap

I was looking at Ford fiesta 1.25 for around £600-£700.

However getting car insurance quotes is a joke. Im 22, having been driving since I was 17 and Im getting quotes of around £700 Third party fire and theft. Im not paying that just to insure a car, absolute joke!

Now I do have 3 points (SP30) and had a small accident 2 years ago, I bumped into the back of someone at the island, a claim was made and I lost my NCB (cost around £1000 to repair mine and the TP's car)

Anyone know of any cheap car insurance providers, I was expecting £400 maximum for a car worth so little, and Im nearly 23.


try elephant they've always been the best for me

Quinn Direct Are Really Cheap!!

Older cars often cost more to insure. If you haven't bought the car yet the things to look out for are.

3 doors are cheaper to insure....
Do you have a partner you could insure on the policy as that sometimes brings down the premium.
less mileage will bring down the premium.

Im with swiftcover, they seem quite cheap. The only downside is that they are online only! U can call them, but be warned, you will be put on hold for quite a while!

Also put your excess up, that can help. Remember though, if you have an accident and your excess is £300, you'll av to cough that up first!

Why is Insurance so expensive these days?!!?!?!?!

goto mse and follow his steps


Anyone know of any cheap car insurance providers, I was expecting £400 … Anyone know of any cheap car insurance providers, I was expecting £400 maximum for a car worth so little, and Im nearly 23.

It is not so much the price of your car, it is the damage you could do to a third-party, i.e., crashing into the back of a Bentley for example!

I had a car at University when I was a mature student and to be honest I hardly used it; it was useful for a weekly shop (when all my housemates piled and bought as much as they could to take advantage of not having to carry it back!) and getting home occasionally, but I don't think I would have missed it that much.

Check out and

I just turned 23, just passed my test and got insured on a brand new 1.2 Corsa for just a smidgeon over £900 fully comp.
I was getting quotes of £1200-1400 but added both the parents and got a nice saving.
Quinn-Direct used to be cheap, but think they have went up a bit. My sister got insurance with them quite cheap, but i'm paying less than she was now and its a new car, while hers was 2nd hand.
I got it with AIG, but had to go through one of the above sites to get it cheap.
I tried just going to the AIG website and got a crazy quote near double what i got it for.

Excess can effect it a bit, but i got £250 i think.
The thing that will affect you more is that you are under 25, and you have an accident and points on your license.
You would get it a lot cheaper without the points or accident and this will have a bigger say than the type of car etc i am sure.

Try those website anyway as thats what i tried.
If you can add experience drivers, try adding them. Sometimes it adds cost, but other times it can take a lot off.
If its kept in a garage overnight it saves quite a bit.
Increase the excess (but when i looked it didnt effect it that much so was risking too much. Adding £50 to my excess was saving like £5-10 on my premium, if that.

post office are v cheap from experience :thumbsup:
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