Help choose a laptop from Argos £350 ish please

Hi all
I have a£350 voucher for Argos to buy a laptop. I have tried comparing and looking for reviews elsewhere but end up more confused.
I am interested in the Sony VAIO NR38E/S mainly cos of the name and amount of reviews, but some reviews say the graphics could be better and battery life not so good. I am also very interested in the Fujitsu-Siemens AMILO 15.6in Notebook Li3710. Graphics look very good on this and I can't find any negative reviews but is this because its not sold so many because its not so good as the Sony. Im really confused.
I want a laptop that my daughter can play games on with good clear images, laptop that can run several things at once and not slow down. Play music, video, films etc. reliable. Not to particular with the 'name' or 'look' really as long as its a good laptop that will hopefully last a few years.
Any help gratefully received
Thanks in advance
Link for Sony argos.co.uk/sta…htm
Link for Fujitsu argos.co.uk/sta…htm
Thanks for the advise guilbert53


Try and put links if you can, that way we can see the specs / price easier

Sony link


Fujitsu link


This Fujitsu has a Celeron CPU, which are the cheaper, budget (hence slower) CPUs so best to avoid ANY laptop with a Celeron. (You may also see some laptops saying Centrino, this is NOT the same as Celeron and does not denote a slow CPU).

Of the two the Sony has the better CPU, and a better screen, but it does say out of stock for home delivery so you may have trouble finding it.

Just found this clearance Toshiba at £329 with a 17" screen.


Seems stock is low so you may need to hunt around to find a shop that has it, but I think it is a good price for a 17" laptop

It has a 17" screen which will be great for watching movies etc. It does mean the laptop will be bigger and heavier, so not great if it is going to be carried around a lot, but if it is going to be in one place most of the time could be a good solution.

If you can add another £50 to bring it up to £399 then consider this 17" Toshiba


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Hi guilbert,

Thanks for the advise.
When you say the Sony has a better screen, in what way? Better, clearer picture? :?

Thanks again
p.s Also, do you know if I can get notified via email when I get a reply to my post please?


When you say the Sony has a better screen, in what way? Better, clearer … When you say the Sony has a better screen, in what way? Better, clearer picture? :?

Computer screens a made up of lots of little dots called pixels, and they are measured by the number of pixels across the screen and number of pixels down the screen. This may be shown as 800x600 for example. Generally the more pixels the better.

The Sony is: Resolution 1280 x 800 pixels.

Fujitsu is: Resolution 1366 x 768 pixels.

So actually, looking at the numbers again, there is not much in it. The Sony has more pixels down but the Fujitsu has more pixels across.

If you plan to watch movies, then you are better getting a widescreen laptop (the same "shape" as widescreen TVs).

The Sony seems to be NOT widesceen but the Fujitsu IS widescreen.

If you watched a DVD movie on the Fujutsu you would get no annoying black bands across the top and bottom of the screen, on the Sony you WOULD get black bands.

Widescreen formats you need to look for would be 1366x768, 1440x900, 1680x1050 and 1920x1200.

Both the Toshiba's I linked to above are widescreen 1440x900, and being 17" would give you a bigger picture than a 15" screen from say the Sony or Fujitsu.

Can I say one more thing about laptops and games.

I do not play games on my computers, but have read enough to know that most laptops have very basic graphics capabilites.

Most laptops are built for Office applications (word processing, spreadsheet, internet, email etc) and NOT for playing games.

While you may be able to play internet based games on an Office laptop you are unlikely to be able to play any games that require a decent graphics card.

For that you need a "gaming" laptop so if you do wish to play modern games I would get more detailed advice about what graphics capabilities you need in a laptop before parting with your money.

Go for a toshiba..

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I am probably gonna get cussed but thinking on, we don't actually watch a lot of movies. I was probably trying to say that I wanted a laptop capable of running movies at full speed, with a clear picture and also when running other applications if need be.:whistling:
Anyway, I looked at the Toshiba, still a bit confused. I don't really want to have a bigger 17" screen if it means I loose out on something else. I've looked at 2 Toshiba's


and this 15.4"

Now at a glance, the 17" looks better spec, but is cheaper, so what does that mean? Especially as the 15.4" has £50 knocked off. I did notice the 17" has shared graphics, not too clever on this but, I think I may have read somewhere that 'dedicated' is better than 'shared' when it comes to graphics....but I don't know why.

Am I driving anyone else mad? :oops:

It is a lot of money to me and I don't want us to have to hide our laptop in a few years time cos it looks like one of those mobile phones that first came out that was like the size of housebrick.

It would be great if it was going to stay in the house, but you never know.

As for the gaming, its mainly for sims kind of stuff at the moment. Nothing too graphical.

Comparing the Toshiba's 17" and 15.4" would you still say the Sony is best for specs and what about the Acers?

Trust you lot on here

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ukmonkey, can I ask why you prefer the toshiba?
Thanks for your time

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another ps

for £20 more what about this -----> argos.co.uk/sta…htm

Any negative's with Acer?

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Shared graphics.
828MB graphics memory
Intel GMA X3100 graphics.
350MB graphics memory?

Also, is there much difference with performance with
Intel Pentium Dual Core T3200 processor
2.0GHz processor speed


Intel Dual-Core processor T2390
1.86GHz processor speed?

ONE MORE...promise!
Is a '160GB SATA hard drive' sufficient for the average user, compared with
'250GB hard drive capacity'?
Why would I possibly need a 250 hard drive?

Really, really appreciate answers, need to make my mind up today

I would get either of the Toshibas that guilbert53 linked.

Nothing wrong with Acer's, however they don't come with recovery disks, had no problems restoring from the HD though.

I swear by Mac, but you're not going to get a new one for 350......

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Thanks for replies.
Gonna see about getting the Toshiba L350 170 i think, if im lucky
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