Help Choosing A Digital Camera?

    My girlfriend is 20 in a few weeks, wanna get her a new camera as she goes to a lot of gigs and the pics on her existing camera are not very good when zooming in etc and also not very clear with the lighting etc.

    Anyone recommend a good camera for her needs?

    EDIT She has a Kodak C613 at the moment


    gadget show has some good 1s on tnite,

    I would go for a 10 megapixel Canon or Sony camera, there are loads of different Sony ones with different colours available.

    a fuji bridging camera brilliant zoon try fuji web site they have goos prices on refurbs

    5700,5800 or a 8100

    Doesn't matter what camera you get her, taking pictures at gigs and getting good results is a technique, not necessarily dependant on equipment, whilst some cameras are better at the lighting conditions than others, and turning up with a bridging camera if she has no permission will more than likely get her hassle, if not thrown out, depending on the venue.

    And having a high pixel count doesn't guarantee better pics either, just better quality bad pics ; )

    If she wants better pics with what she's got, tell her to never use the flash, don't stand in the middle of the crowd where she will be being pushed and shoved (movement, not good), zoom on a compact is never a good idea under those circumstances, if she really goes just to get pics, then stand at the side as you can usally get closer to the stage, also she won't need to use the zoom and the lighting will be better.

    If you do buy her a new camera make sure:
    1. You can turn the flash off.
    2. Keep the zoom option down to a minimum, the longer the zoom, the more the movement is harder to control (even stood still).
    3. Check if it's got white balance control for tungsten (a lot of smaller venues use this type of lighting) or has the faciltiy to set her own.
    4. Check out some web sites for 'how to' techniques' for music photography, even though they may be aimed at pros with higher end equipment, the same rules apply.
    5. Get a camera from a manufacturer that makes pro cameras (Canon, Nikon etc...).

    I've probably missed something as it's late, but good luck.

    I got the missus about a year ago a Panasonic Lumix 12MP, was pretty expensive from HK but still saved £90 even after getting caught with Customs....

    I use it at Gigs and it is awesome still.... For movies and photos

    If you want to see some pics LMK they are on my Bebo and Youtube pages....


    panasonic lumix tz series have 10 x optical zoom plus image stabilisation which should help her getting closer to the action

    good video mode too

    When taking pictures at gigs I found that using a mode that reduces backlight helps as often the stage is full of lights and picture comes out with a great big flash of light all over the pic. Look for a camera that has image stabilization as well because the band are normally moving all over the place.

    If you check my Youtube (maxmixer) you will see the Lumex in action from a few weeks back at stage at the SECC etc.... + More lol

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