Help choosing a Laptop!

    I want to buy my first ever laptop. I am not sure what is a good deal or not on these things!
    I will be mainly using it to surf the web,but also use a few programmes on which I use for ebay and downloading stuff.
    I will be keeping my Pc upstairs and will be hopefully running my laptop wireless downstairs.
    I can only afford a maximum of £300.
    Any good deals/suggestions would be most welcome for a newbie like me!
    Thanks in advance:D


    Tesco Direct usualy have some great prices for laptops, Acer are great bang for buck.

    hi i think for 299, this laptop is oke despite the brand…id=


    Don't worry about the term "lap"top. Many people don't actually use theirs on their laps.

    For example, mine is on a table in the living room so I can browse BBC News website on the laptop and Ceefax on the TV at the same time to see which one updates first with the latest news.

    Although fully portable, most laptops need to be connected to a wall to charge their batteries up. Laptop batteries can last up to 12 minutes when fully charged.

    Original Poster


    . Laptop batteries can last up to 12 minutes when fully charged.

    12 minutes???:?


    Yeah, if you're lucky!

    Always try to see the model you are after working without a battery in it means you're not forced to buy a new one if it fails and they can be expensive.

    I bought a Acer Aspire 5720 from Tesco on Saterday for £349, In my opinion it's a very good buy ,It does everything I want and the battery seems to last at least 3 hours before it needs a charge, Even though you can leave the cord plugged in while you use it like I do ! :thumbsup: The screen is superbly bright and sharp plus it's widescreen, You can't go wrong. :-D
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