Help choosing a new mobile phone please!

    I am looking for a moblie phone with the following: .

    A good camera phone, with image stabilisation etc...
    Good storage space
    Video calling

    Around the £200 mark.

    Can anyone recommend a good phone and good online phone shop?
    Thanks in advance!


    LG viewty, Or the upcoming Sony Ericsson C905 (8MP Shooter)
    Any Q's on SE phones just PM me

    I thought the C905 was 5 megapixel? Either way it's a great phone, getting it on upgrade from Vodafone next week :-)

    nope, you're right, it is 8mp, what am I talking about???? lol

    ah, I was talking the C902 not the 905 sorry.

    ....waiting for another post SunTzu

    I'm keeping my eye on the LG Secret, waiting for the price to come down from £300 :-(


    DO NOT buy the C902. Awful! I love SE phones really i do and i wouldnt be without mine, i still have the K800i i wont get rid til i really find another good phone like it. C902 ive had 2 now the camera is hidden behind the case of the phone, and to get it ouot its meant to be simple like just holding the phone like you would a camera and pulling the sides but oh no no it doesnt open! Ive had 2 and neither one opened. My fella who is a muscly guy might i add tried and neither he could open it! Now whether im just unlucky and coincidently got 2 dodgy phones then there is problems with them! Stay well clear. Mwah xxxx

    Yep, the C902 has been yet another flop however the C905 has a far better lens, and it less gimicky.
    But i have to say that the K800i has been one of the best phones ever made (with the exeption of the K750i :))
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