Help choosing a wifi extender

    I'm trying to decide what to buy to boost wireless signal in my house and provide wireless to the deadspots. I've found these two options:…8-8…8-1

    I think the power line adapters are probably the better option as they won't just be repeating the signal but acting as an access point, but I can't tell if the ones above actually do this or just act as a booster as well?

    Any advice or alternative options would be appreciated


    I have both the TP LINK Powerlines and the Netgear extender. If you want to connect a laptop or a computer then I suggest getting a power line as they give you a direct connection to the home router. But if you want to use it on a phone or tablet then get the Netgear wireless extender, it boosts your current weak signal

    I bought cheap wi fi extender from China on eBay for £12. Works fine for me. Guess if your streaming content something better may be needed.


    Alternative option; forget repeaters, forget homeplugs and just buy an asus rt-n66u router. It will crush any walls.
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