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    Hi there, im looking for a wireless router for my virgin broadband connection and have read that the Buffalo AirStation WHR-HP-G54 is meant to be a very good router to use as it has a good connection, but there is a newer version out to this called the Buffalo AirStation Wireless-G High Speed Router WHR-G125 but i dont know if its any better as its cheaper so im slightly confused as to which to get; the older one which is more expensive or the newer one that is cheaper and because its the predecessor, surely they have made it better havnt they? ive added the links to both routers for reference.
    just to let you know i will be connecting two other PC's and the PS3 aswell.…320…969

    thanks in advance



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    thanx for moving it guys, hope somebody will be able to help me now :thumbsup:

    Had a look at the specs of both and they seem very similar.

    The main extra in the newer one is WPA2 security which is better than WPA so for that reason alone go for the newer one.

    Virgin do provide broadband down cable AND normal telephone lines.

    That router is for Virgin down CABLE and will not work down a normal ADSL telephone line.

    (You may already know this, but just making certain before you splash out your money)

    Virgin supply some newsgroups / chat rooms (both official and unofficial).

    Maybe ask on there as every user will be a virgin user.

    You can view them within Outlook Express in the Newsgroup viewer (or any other newsgroup viewer)

    Their news server is at:

    They have a number of fourms with names like


    If you have never used a newsgroup let me know and I will give you a brief rundown of how to use them.

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    thaks for the information. ill have a look at tne newgroup thing. i havnt used it before but im sure it cant be too difficult to use. thanks again guilbert53.
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