Help choosing games for my son please.

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Found 1st Dec 2007
My son's main interest is pretty much games. He has a PS2, X-box and X-box 360. He's getting Halo 3 and Half Life Orange Box for the 360 are there any other games in a similar genre that you have played that you would think he'd really enjoy?



Buy him a football, if he still has the ability to bend his joints.

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he hates football...being autistic doesn't make him much of a team player


Footballs not a team sport, look at it this way, he can run in pick up the ball and run all the way to the other teams goal and nobody can say anything.

As a suggestion though, he'd probably like Call of Duty 4.

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but it'd probably be more fun if he ran in, picked up someone else's football and ran away with it with two teams chasing after him, in which case I won't need to buy him the football.

Call of Duty 4...okay, thanks I'll go look around for that, any others?

Is it the single player or online aspects he likes?

If it's single player there's BioShock and Gears of War and the previous Call of Duty games (2 & 3). If it's online Halo3 is good so is Gears and Battlefield (older but still good). If he's able to play more involved (rpg) games Oblivion is a great one.

Hope that helps.

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yes it's the single player, he doesn't play online.

How old is he?

The good thing about Gears and Halo3 is they can be played in Co-Op, so you can be involved while he's playing.

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How old is he?

He's 12.

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oh he like strategy games too like Command and Conquer and Supreme Commander.

Bioshock,gears of war are '18' rated games,halo3 and COD4 are '15' rated.......should a 12 year old really be playing these?:?

What about something like Guitar Hero.:)
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