Help choosing iPod - 512mb £69.99 - Good deal?

Hi just saw this at dixons deal for today can anyone tell me if this is a good deal as i missed out on boots one. Also is this an ipod thing - can I put songs on this. Whats the difference between this and the ipod.

use th 5 % of code listed on this site to bring it down even further and dont foregt to buy via greasypalm.co.uk or linemypocket.co.uk for cashback

tracker.tradedoubler.com/click?p=1468&a=1018132&g=16569&url=dixons.co.uk/pro…195 iPod 512mb at Dixons

Model - APPLE IPOD SHUFFLE 512Mb 512Mb Hard Drive Capacity

12 hours Playback Time

Earbud headphones included

22.1g Weight

Stores up to 120 songs


Lanyard included

Mod Edit: Changed title and moved to deal requests as wasn't really a deal.


First off, £69.99 is the regular price for the 512mb iPod Shuffle.

Second, the iPod Shuffle is totally different from a regular iPod, you can still play mp3 and transfer your music, sync with iTunes etc., but it is only 512mb compared to 4GB/6GB in the Mini and up to 60GB in the regular iPod. It's about the size of a stick of gum or USB pen drive (which it also works as) and doesn't have a display.

Anyways, after all that...I think the cheapest place right now is HMV. check this link: iPod Shuffle for details on that. I think £62 delivered.

Original Poster

thanks for that Paul sorry i did think it was a deal as it was deal of the day but wasnt aware of normal price of these things

I would also consider that you can get a 512mb mp3 player else where for less, and also has a display on them.

Check out ebuyer.co.uk

Unless you want an iPod for the name?

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