Help choosing needed..

    Hi folks,
    My daughter wants an 8520 for xmas but I prefer the wildfire so I'm in dire need of some technical help ..
    What is best the HTC Wildfire or the Blackberry 8520?




    Between those two? I'd go for the Apple IPhone 4.

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    Too pricey.. Only got £150 to play with and she's got a Vodafone payg chip. Argos seem to be to cheepest option but I'm stuck on which is the best.

    Do her mates have Blackberry phones? If so vodafone are doing free BBM until June next year.

    I prefer android phones but saying that the wildfire is probably one of the worst android phones due to its poor screen resolution resulting in apps not working on that phone.

    I got a Blackberry curve as an upgrade from vodafone,I havent even opened the box,you can have it for £130 delivered

    I have had the HTC Wildfire since it was first released and find it a great phone for the price. Regarding the screen resolution issue I find it more than adequate for my needs (not as good as Iphone etc and much more expensive models but you are not comparing like for like). I have downloaded many TV episodes and films to the phone over the last few months and found the resolution quite good for phones in this price bracket. There are some apps that dont appear on the Android Market for the Wildfire at the moment but the 2.2 software update is due very shortly (hopefully) and should help address this problem.
    I dont have any experience of the Blackberry unfortunately but just do a Google search entitled "HTC Wildfire v Blackberry 8520" and you will find many results with comparisons between the two. Another one to consider is the Orange San Francisco, however, you would need to unlock it to use on Vodafone.

    Your daughter wants the BB, so why would you get the HTC that she doesn't want??

    I'd say the Orange San Francisco beats both of those phones, cracking android phone and can be had for about £80 with discounts. But as above poster says, if she wants a specific phone that's what I would get. Xx

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    Thanks folks for all of your advice.. I guess I'll have to get her what she wants rather than what is better..
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