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    Looking to upgrade the speakers in my restaurant. At present I have 8 speakers connected to an amp via a 4 way speaker switching unit. Wanting to upgrade to some smaller speakers but not sure what I should be looking for in terms of ohms etc. The amp is very rarely on above a quarter volume as it's only background music if this makes a difference. Would 4 sets of something like this do me........Roth Audio OLI RA1 4 inch 2 Way Pair Of Bookshelf Design Speakers - Black…9Z2


    I assume the 4 way speaker switch would protect the amp and keep the resistance at 8ohms.
    like this one check

    Can not say what speakers you need without knowing the amp and how your 4 way switching unit is wired up to the speakers. Probably the easiest thing for you to do is to check the spec of the speakers you presently have and find speakers with the same specs (same ohms and wattage - double check if it is max or rms value); that's assuming the system was correctly fitted when it was put in.

    The switch box I linked to above has this quote
    "This state of the art switching box allows you to select between or control speakers in 4 different rooms or locations. The spring loaded terminals on the switch box allow secure and easy access for cable of up to 2.5mm diameter, while the unit provides full amplifier circuitry protection maintaining the load at the amplifier at 8 Ohms, regardless of how many speakers are attached. Max 75 Watt output."

    If yours is a similar spec'd unit then speaker impedence will be balanced by the unit but you will be restricted to 75W between 8 speakers. Which is still pretty good.
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