Help Chosing a netbook!

    Hey guys, saw this netbook on ebay but I really have no idea about them so would appreciate any advice. It is a refurbished item and has a 12month guarentee with Argos outlet on ebay. Priced at £189.99


    Item Description Intel Atom N270 processor.
    1.60GHz processor speed.
    1GB RAM.
    10.1in screen size.
    Resolution 1024 x 600 pixels.
    160GB SATA hard drive.
    Shared graphics.
    Intel GMA 950 graphics.
    3-in-1 Media card reader - compatible with SD, SDHC, MMC.
    3 USB ports.
    Ethernet port.
    HD sound.
    0.3MP webcam.
    802.11bg/n wireless enabled.
    Windows XP operating system installed.
    Up to 6 hours battery life (depending on usage).
    Weight 1.3kg.


    Pink MSI Wind £199.99 @ ARgos (has 1.3 mp webcam)

    Pink Netbooks Not suggesting to buy from these links ) just to show which ones are in pink etc will show some specs

    The one on Ebay Says refurb but then says NEW unopened. So £189.99 is pretty cheap for it as long as it is New.. I would not be paying £189.99 if it had been used and then serviced/repaired / etc

    Email them and ask them to clarify if it is NEW and unopened as they say


    The MSi for £159.99 at Maplins is the best deal, it's new with a 2yr … The MSi for £159.99 at Maplins is the best deal, it's new with a 2yr warranty.

    Is it new ? or clearance A,B (the black one I found was £169.99) New

    I was working on the assumption OP wanted a Pink one rather than a black one :lol

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    Thanks very much guys, will check that out dcx

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    I think the one at Maplins has been discontinued?


    Like I said it was New, if you look in the deals section it has been … Like I said it was New, if you look in the deals section it has been posted with a £10 off code.Also edit your goddam posts.

    When you say new though you might not know what you're talking about (it never showed up on Maplins site for £159) which would indicate you were talking about a b grade or something as I only ever search for NEW Items .

    It was £169.99 (you neglected in your post to mention there was a coupon for £10 off) otherwise when I found the 1 for £169.99 I would have known instantly it was the one you were on about(instead of using logic to say it will be the one but still ask anyways) . And no I will not edit my posts. The edit function does not work properly anyways but I will post a new response when I like with relevant information. Thanks

    just had loads of hassle with a refurb netbook from argos clearance-it came without anything but the mains lead and sticky key..they dont respond to emails and use a third party for repair. The third party phone lines always busy. Argos seem to ignoe the DSR law..If you look feedback you will see a few negs for it?

    I have the same model,i bought it in January it was 230 new from Comet,it's a brill netbook.
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