Found 15th May 2011
I'm looking for a tablet PC for my parents. It's going to be used soley for browsing the internet. Can anybody recommend a decent one that can be bought for £100 or less.

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get a 2nd hand laptop or netbook

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get a 2nd hand laptop or netbook

Would concur with what 'garbage456' says - have been looking at Tablet PC's myself recently and for less than £100 you would have to settle for one with a Resistive screen and pretty low spec. For the £100 mark you should be able to find a decent spec Netbook than can provide more options than a Tablet PC.

The only decent looking Tablet I have seen for your budget is the one recently highlighted here, sold by Kogan UK, however, don't expect delivery before July.…id/

Agree with both the above. That Kogan one does sound good but there is an interesting history to that company and its claims in the past.

you can get some dual core tablets on ebay but untried and untested

i bought a single core rockchip with official android, which is 200mhz slower than the one i bought before and this one is faster than the older one.

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I purchased the above from amazon for £70, would not recommend to a friend
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