HELP! Clean Burnt Microwave Popcorn Stains/Smell in Microwave :(

    Hey guys, i somehow failed to microwave microwave popcorn, now my microwave stinks and is badly stained, its still fully functional and as far as i can tell the smell of burnnt popcorn doesnt affect other foods that i microwave.

    Just wondering if anyone has experienced something similar and had tips or products which can remove these awful stains?

    Ive googled it, but i seem to get solutions for smell rather than actual stains, i really dont want to buy a new microwave if i can clean this one up.




    put a sock in it.

    Put a bowl of water with the juice of a lemon into the microwave and put it on for a few minutes (keep an eye on it so it doesn't boil over). That should help with the smell.
    As for the stains? Cillit bang? That unfortunately removed some of the chrome from the bathroom plug hole so it's strong stuff.

    Lame, I did this as well a few weeks ago and got the stains off by microwaving a bowl of water with half a lemon inside like sickly sweet suggested. The steam from the water softened the stain and I just wiped it off.

    put a metal spoon in it, turn it on

    then you get to buy a nice new clean one (_;)
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