help comparing LCD TV's?


    I know there are a lot of techie minded people on here, I'm about to buy an LCD TV probably 37"

    I've pretty much narrowed it down to Toshiba, Panasonic or Samsung.

    when looking around for a decent deal it's hard to tell what stats are more important than others even when comparing diferent models from the same manufacturer?

    Whats a simple list of decent stats to compare like contrast ratio etc.



    I am in the same situation as you,been trying to buy roughly 20" lcd/tv for the kids so that they can plug their comp & 360 and should be abit future proof so that i dont need to keep buying them one.I don't know much about tv's so was just looking around and was :w00t: at the amount of models and little differences in them.At the stage now where my heads spinning & blurry vision but still no closer to getting the right one.:-(

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    LOL Hia,

    I founce this in another thread - hope it helps you.


    also currys seem quite good for having stats on them - not sure how accurate they are and I wouldn't be that fused on buying from them but it's a start. They also have an explanation of what each stat means although it's a bit basic - it just tends to say the higher this number the better.


    Let me know if you find any other decent sites for doing compares between models.

    There ya go Guys....
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