Help; Computer Auto Starting

    My PC has developed a tedency to start up automatically, its happened twice though I'm not sure if its happening at the same precise time. Could this be a virus related issue? i'm usng windows 7 does anyone know how to change this in any setting to stop it starting up like this.
    Any advice appreciated.


    Some computers can be set to wake up when they get a message from the Network (your router or wi-fi).

    This is called Wake on Lan.

    Maybe this is what is causing your computer to start by itself.…LAN
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    Yeah it could be WOL so go in the BIOS and look for something called Wake On Lan (WOL) Or if you put the computer on sleep and do not shut down It will be the wake timers so disable wake timers go to your power management options in Windows and disable it. If all else fails its just Casper wanting to see his Gmail for a bit Hope this helps you (not the Casper bit)

    My PC has two USB ports for the remote, (remote can switch on PC) and if for example my keyboard/mouse are plugged into there a simple knock would make it switch on the PC, or if it's an iPod when it's plugged in or fully charged it would switch on. So maybe always on USB ports


    Many motherboards also support wake on USB these days. Just turn any "wake on" things off!

    sounds like something more sinister to me, time to call the ghost busters
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