Found 24th Oct 2009
My computer is infected with a virus, its not letting me run AVG what should i do?

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boot up in safemode when doing do...F8 at bootup


safemode (:

Throw it out the window.

just make sure you save your photos and files you need to disc first, then mess with it!

download combofix its free and will clean your registy automatically brillaint programme then run a virus checker it should be fixed

Do you know what Virus? Sometimes you can get specific clean-up instructions / tools from the large AV vendors.

Before you try doing it yourself and risk fouling up in a big way, try the infections etc., forums at [url][/url]


do you still have the recovery disk do a format with that and it be fine


Did you have AVG installed before getting the virus? Lost count of how may people reporting viruses on here that had AVG installed.

AVG is useless these days so get a better AV (e.g. AVAST or AVIRA)



do you still have the recovery disk do a format with that and it be fine

bit extreme to suggest binning all your data already! :w00t:

microsoft now do microsoft security essentials, its good, and free.…ls/
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