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Found 10th Dec 2008
Hi all,

I am looking for GTA 4 on xbox 360 for my son.
I googled and found it on play but I am totally confused about it!

This one is £17.99…tml

And this one is £39.99…tml

Why?????? They look the same to me! Am I being dumb and missing something totally obvious?
I have ordered the cheaper one anyway but am now worried it's going to be used or something!!

Thanks in advance and sorry if I am just being dim!! :-)

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Ones from the mega monday sale, the other is just the standard game off the site

They were having a sale and have discounted it to £17.99. Its new.

Wouldnt worry about the other link, they are the same game.

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Wonderful!!! Thanks so much! That's put my mind at ease!

I had the same thing with the ps3 version. I went ahead and ordered one. It turns out i have been sent a different game because they were out of stock.

is gta4 the latest one? or is there gta5?
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