help connecting 360 to Monitor

il be getting a 360 soon a premium or elite and i just want to know how i could connect either to my 22" acer flat screen monitor as it is much better than my dung 22" tv. what cables do i need?


you will need an xbox to vga cable.

Much like this one…ADE

But dont spend that much they can be had on ebay for next to nothing - £8

this is how i use my xbox and its much better in qualiity!

Hope that helped

get a VGA Cable.…tml

9.95 i believe.

what can you plug in to the back of your moniter? just VGA

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will i need the same cable for an elite

An elite is identical (connection wise) to a premium but with the addition of a HDMI socket which should be your preffered connection method if your looking for the best quality.

VGA is still a very good connection though but can look a little washed out although this can be corrected by tweaking your monitor settings.

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nice sounds good, im going to get an elite with devil may cry 4 for £299 and i'll trade in DMC4 at my local market for 2 possibly 3 games, and ontop of that ive got to buy membership and the VGA cable, i just hope that someone will buy my 190201366640 to fund it

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also is there something i can use so i dont have to swap the cables around, because i intend on having my 360 and pc on the same monitor just not at the same time.. hope that made sense

You need a KVM switching unit which will combine 2 VGA cables into one input with a switch.

Eg this:-


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that looks like some complicated kit may stick to switching the cables over lmao

No it's pretty basic, 2 VGA inputs, a switch and one output.

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what can you plug in to the back of your moniter? just VGA

i can just plug the VGA
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