Help! Dead Hard drive!

Was on my PC playing L4D last night till about 1 then shut down computer and everything was fine.
Booted up the machine this morning and when detecting IDE devices the hard drive wasnt in the list and came up with a Disk boot failure: please insert ..... error.
I have connected the drive to my brothers PC and it isn't detected there.
I have important uni work on my hard drive that i foolish didn't backup is there any way of reviving the drive just one more time?
Would a docking station work at all?
Please help.



fried board buddy, there are hard drive recovery places that take the disk out a retirve important data ubt charge about £50 for the privilage

more like £50 an hour, can take as long as 6 hours for a 400gb drive


My 1.5tb Seagate died 5 hours after ordering and I'd transfered all my data to it... Cost me £42.99 plus £6 return delivery and had to buy and external drive for tyhem to copy it too (I bought my own from Cdiscount) so the service only cost about £50....I found them on ebay.,.,

It may be mechanical not electrical. In the old engineering days we would give it the "coffee bean" shake as the heads would often stick on disks and this would free them. Just rotate it gently in your hand for 20 secs or so and retry. Failing that, give the case (not the PCB side obviously) a good knock with your knuckles. Just dont get too violent with it in case you do decide to send it to a data recovery place.

Google "data recovery" to checkout other options

Good luck

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Your best bet is an ide to USB converter , that way you can just plug the drive into any pc and your computer will see it as an external hard drive see the link below to get an idea of what you need


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Do i stand no chance of getting ne info back without paying a fortune

If you could recover the data easily after this kind of error, it would be a waste of time for people to write backup software then wouldn't it. :whistling:
They don't write these programs for the fun of it. :thumbsup:

Not being funny but have you tried hitting it in the middle on the top?

I had it a few times when I was in PC support as a last resort as it hay be the disk has moved off centre and therefore the read heads are not alligned.

Worth a try if nothing else use an open palm and give it a few hard whacks then try it again.

Been there. On eBay you'll find IDE to USB external drive caddies, around £6. Handy to have.

You then need a download of the manufacturers diagnostics utility to see whats up. You'll also find many freeware sites have file recovery utilities. It can be a slow process and often you won't see the file names you're familiar with just hexidecimal bits of data but you should be able to pinpoint the files you need outside of the operating system unless you want that too and if the disc is spinning you'll get your files back.

One limitation of a USB caddy is you can't format discs. This can only be done on an IDE connection, so it has to go back in the PC for that.
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