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Posted 19th Nov
Need help deciding what to get I need to replace my laptop my hard drive died in mine a while back so I’ve been waiting for Black Friday trouble is I’m no clearer on what I need now than I was weeks ago, there’s no point replacing the hard drive in my laptop it’s so old and got other problems that by the time I’ve replaced all the parts I will have built a new one and spent more than a new one costs, my other problem is I hate Windows 10 I know some people hate Apple but I don’t. I have an iPhone and an iPad but there are some things you need a laptop for; the one thing I do hate about Apple is their prices I was looking at a MacBook thought I’d found one i7 processor, 256 gbSSD, 8GB memory - £579 but it’s the early 2014 model so it’s 5 years old already.
Then I had a little accident with my phone and drowned it and although rice has dried it out it has got a few issues so I think it needs to be replaced, I’m looking at the iPhone XR from WOWcamera at £509. Not interested in saving money by going to android and I like the size of the XR, if I buy a phone sim free I can keep my deal at £9 p/m unlimited calls, unlimited texts, 4gb data, that’s all I need I’m generally at home using my broadband anyway so don’t need to be paying £35/£45 pm for my mobile.
All I need the laptop for is Ancestry connecting to my printer when I scan photos and want to print (yes I could buy a new printer but they are generally all blocked now from using non genuine cartridges my Epsom all in one is old and isn’t and I don’t print very often, I don’t need to pay a fortune for ink when I want/need to print the odd letter.) Downloading films and putting them on my flash drives so I can then watch them on my tv. (Yes I could get something for streaming but I can control the flash drives from the TV remote control) and I already have them. I use Google Photos so don’t need a massive hard drive or memory for storage but do need a decent processor because I am impatient when things go slow. £579 for the MacBook and £509 for the phone is all getting a bit too much.
I won’t get anything on trade-in for my laptop, it won’t boot up. And my current is an iPhone SE so was only worth £30 before I drowned it but now when I switch it on it says “unable to activate Touch ID” straight away and sometimes I have to plug in the charge cable to make it switch on.
My iPad is a 6th generation & it’s not worth the extra money trading it in to get a Pro because it still has its limitations.
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My eyes hurt.
RiverDragon819/11/2019 17:09

My eyes hurt.


OP, Can you simplify your question?

Which of the two used Macbook you are after? And we can tell which one better.
What I learnt from your post:
- you "hate W10" - DON'T; it has become pretty good and quite configurable. Furthermore you'll have more options when buying a pc than a mac ..and it is going to be cheaper.
£680 for a 6 years old laptop (which is not even some PRO version) ? NO way.
- if you want to have control then go for Android ..and it's cheaper and way more options.
iPhone only because it “talks” to my iPad without any hassle, don’t want a massive phone; I’ve got small girly hands; the XR is a nice size and not too heavy, don’t have room for a PC, doesn’t have to be a MacBook but don’t know what to look for in a cheaper laptop been looking at the deals that have been posted in recent weeks, went to Currys PC world only place round here to actually look at laptops to have a look around but was totally ignored all I came away with was I liked the silver ones. Helpful I know.
BB7819/11/2019 21:42

Don’t know what this means.

Would of suggested a laptop but description was 'Too Long Didn't Read'.
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