help dell £149 16gb or acer £159 refurb with 120gb

hi kids have £135 to spend on netbook however we are confused we seen the thread for the dell…-uk

and are confused because surely with 16gb the refurb acer with 120gb is the better deal ?…jsp?BV_SessionID=@@@@1991798769.1261821548@@@@&BV_EngineID=ccddadejehjllmjcflgceggdhhmdfok.0&page=Product&fm=null&sm=null&tm=null&sku=454903&category_oid=
any help would be most grateful xx


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please please help us xx

my daughter has just got an acer netbook and loves it 10 inch screen

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we have an acer 8.9 xp netbook x for us adults lol i love it too

[FONT=Verdana]Both netbooks have the same screen size but the key difference is down to the batteries used on both of them along with the internal disk storage.

[/FONT][FONT=Verdana][COLOR=Navy]Dell Mini 9[/COLOR][/FONT][FONT=Verdana] - Disk storage is PCIe SSD based but it costs a lot more to replace it if you need more disk (the prices are slowly coming down though); the battery that it comes bundled with is a four cell based one, which provides more runtime. Overall they are quite popular and have a large user base (check out the MyDellMini User Community & Forum). Added advantages are it comes bundled with Windows XP Home Edition OS, which is not cheap to buy separately these days, but also it has an easy to access upgrade access panel on the bottom of the netbook.

[COLOR=Navy]Acer Aspire One 150[/COLOR] - Disk storage is SATA based; the battery is a three cell. The older 8.9" screen series is not easy to upgrade (in terms of memory & hard disk) as you need to literally take it to pieces to do this. Due to their relative price they have become quite popular and also have a large user base (check out the Aspire One User Community & Forum). If you need Windows to be installed onto it you'll need to purchase licenses & media if you don't already have it (all dependent on what you intend to run on them, as you can find Linux versions of the mainstream Windows software).

You might also want to check out the warranty support coverage for both of them as well, as that will have a bearing going forward - both of these model lines have been retired by their respective hardware manufacturers as well.

Cheers, Scotty Boy! :thumbsup:
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