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    Hey guys need some need some help because this is driving me crazy, been looking for ages. Want a desktop pc without a monitor for about £400 or less (dont mind spending a little more if its a good deal). Wont be used as a gaming pc as I use my 360 for that but obviously wouldnt mind if it could. Would like to order tonight.
    Help will be appreciated thanks!

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    3gig ram windows 7 1000gig hd ie 1terrabye pentium dual core

    i got one of these and Im very happy with it the only thing is you need to make your own recovery dvd's as soon as you switch it on as it asks you to but they only provide 2 dvd's and you need 3 apart from that its a nice compact unit
    and it has hdmi output so you can run it on nice large tv
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    it mentions in specs no sound card ?? mine has prob typo

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    *This post messed up*

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    I was looking at the ones at commet because I can get 10% off but there expensive compared to other places.. Like for the same price as this you can get a quad core from ebuyer ->…442.

    +Rep btw

    ebuyer one good i got the upgrade to windows 7 and it didnt work too well so went back to vista thats a good system if you have the space for a tower i didnt so went for the compact one pop down there staff always helpfull and sometime have clearance units instore

    have you seen this…ta-
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