help, dilemma, out of phone contract been offered a n95 8gb for £23 a month with 700 mins + 150 texts? is this good.

    I asked him to confirm it is the 8GB version he said it is.
    I can have for £23 a month including 50 video mins
    plus £5 of download a month.
    I really wanted a n96.
    phoning me back in half an hour about 4.15pm what shall i do ??????
    It is with 3, but i have had no issues with signal or bills at all that is not an issue


    try and get the n96
    but seems a good deal for the money

    when you been offered. never take the first offer. keep pushing them, if they dont budge, then ask them to put you through to the retentions department (who nd the contract) and they will offer you a better phone and better contract.

    im now on £25 pm. 600mins unlmtd texts with sony experia.
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