Help - distorted sound listening to music on mobile using 3.5mm earphone adapter.

Found 5th Dec 2008
Hi all

Just recieved a couple of 3.5mm earphone adapters for wifies & my new samsung Soul U 900`s

When I plug them in with earphones in the sound appears distorted and the vocals almost disappear. (As well as my contacts opening!!!)

I have 2 phones & 2 adaptors & the problem is happening with whatever configuration of them so wondering if there is a setting I'm missing in the phones software.

I remember having the same problem with something else in the past but am beggared if I can remember how I sorted it.

Any advice gratefully welcomed.


Is it a 3.5mm Jack plug or a multiplug that converts to 3.5mm?

If its a multiplug it sounds like there is a fault with the multi plug or the phone itself, the reason I say this is that its opening your contacts, it sounds like there is some form of connection short this would explain the sound distortion and the contacts opening.

As you may know the multiplug is called such for it has many different applications such as handsfree for car use etc. so if there is a short between the pins that would send signals to the handsfree car pins and the sound out pins, boosted voltage to the sound pins would definetley cause distortion.

Basically if your phone is still under warranty take it back its faulty.

Just reading your post a little more carefully... wher did you get your multi plugs from? Are they genuine or some Chinese Ebay venders own? If they are cheap nasty ones take the phone into a mobile shop and ask if you can try a genuine adpater and see if its ok.

Original Poster

Its one of these:


I actually have 2 phones (both new Samsung Soul U900's) & the problem is happening on both so not sure if its a hardware problem ?? software..

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It is from a wee man in Hong Kong but one with thousands of positive feedback on fleabay.

Yeah, he may buy them in massive qtys from the back of a chipshop in China.

For peace of mind I would nip in to where you got your phone (if a shop) or any big mobile outlet and just ask them if you can check a genuine one on your phone. It elimantes the possibility of it being an issue with the phones.

Also check if possible if there are any issues posted on the web with that phones particular firmware there may be an update.

Original Poster

Sounds like a plan!

Just tried the earphones that came with the phone & they work fine. Pity they are designed for punters with ear canals the size of the chunnel :-(

Thanks for advice.
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