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Help! Divan won't fit up spiral staircase

Posted 9th Aug 2014
Hi all,

Just moved to a new flat and we brought our bed here today.
We had a chest of drawers that were very similar in dimension to the divan base (in two parts) and thought that it'd be ok (yes lessons need to be learnt about measuring things).

However, it seems that the bases are about 1cm to big to get past the ceiling. We have tried both ways for the bases to get up the stairs but to no avail. Our only other option is to hoist the bases up from the balcony below to the one upstairs but as we don't know anyone nearby and family and friends are not near us this is out of the equation at the moment

So basically my question is, how have you dealt with similar situations? I am considering taking the divan apart or cutting it into two pieces then bracing them back together with wood or metal once upstairs. Have you done this and do you have any advice for doing this?

Thanks in advance!
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use a bit of force

use a bit of force

I'm not sure bbgun24 is a Jedi name lol

I'm not sure bbgun24 is a Jedi name lol

Don't send me to the Rancor!! (al a family guy quote)
Get the mattress up there and make do till someone can come and help hoist it the balcony way!!
ask your neighbours for a lift up and offer a crate of beer. you'll find out if they are decent or not, enough hands piece of cake
Ask your neighbour to help hoist it up to the balcony. Get some drink in first. Maybe end up being the best of friends. Or do as deviouspaul says...8)
I had a similar experience (not spiral staircase, but steep narrow stairs and tight corner)

We eventually cut it in two, but after all that I couldn't be bothers to put it all back together again, so brought a metal frame one that I could take apart
Yep, the balcony is the way to go. Knock on your neighbour's door, smile, charm, explain the situation and see what help they offer. If they can't physically help (maybe elderly or disabled) ask for access to their balcony, and look in local paper/parish magazine for local handyman/man with van (used to lugging furniture you see) who might work with you for an hour or 2 to help hoisting.

This is your opportunity to learn about your new community. You could nip in the local cafe/paper shop/church/synagogue/whatever, ask there if any local blokes/girls looking for casual work who could help you
Pivot! Pivot! Pivot!
Thanks all. Will suss out the neighbour situation and see what can be done.
we moved into a older house in canada . we had two queen sized beds to take up the stairs and box springs. mattresses fit, box springs didnt, we ended up cutting in half and spliceing them back together with metal flat brackets worked fine.
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