Help do you think this is a scam

    I have a canoe for sale on a website, had a email from a buyer wishing to buy the canoe.
    This is the email i had from him.
    How are you doing, Hope everything is going on fine,
    As a matter of fact the check has been sent out to you (it will arrive by mail).
    The check was sent to,(name,,,,
    address,,,,. So the payment should arrive in a short while from now. And once you get it,i guess you know how to handle everything, and please don't bother about any other buyer for the Canoe but there
    has been a new development.. I have included the pick up agents fee to yours,
    making it £2,000 cause i am traveling out of town today because of my
    pregnant wife who is on business trip and she is about to deliver a baby so i
    have to go and stay with her, so i will be back very soon. I included the
    pickup agent fee because he is bringing down some other items for me from other country
    so when you have the check deduct your own fee and have the remaining money
    sent to him through western union money transfer immediately after cashing it so that he can come for the pick up at your place . I am buying the item, as a surprise to my wife
    and i want it in my home before my arrival .So when you have the check, take it
    to your bank and have it cashed immediately,and another £100 for your self
    for running the errand and the in conveniences. please mail me ASAP so as to let
    me know i can trust you handle this with care.
    Thanks for your trust and understanding in this transaction.

    i think this is a scam, what should i do?


    nah pefectly legit solution...........sucker!!

    Its a scam, ignore it.

    scam, bin it, give no info to scammer whatsoever, get about 10 per week


    Although it would have been funnier if the message was from John Darwin.

    Cash the cheque at one of these instant cash shops? You will then have cash in hand.

    Be very causious with Western union. They have been on Watchdog recently due to scams for which your not covered. And all invove paying money to people in other countries.

    if you got it via ebay - forward it to them at [email protected]

    You guys ruin all my fun...LOL

    scam 100%

    Who'd buy a canoe as a surprise for their pregnant wife?!

    waste te guys time, explain you have received the cheque but dont know how to deal with, I am sure he will get all the information you need, even prehaps record the call using a facility onyour mobile phone. Then say to him that you cannot afford to call his mobile number and to give you a land line, because you battery is also low.

    Then wind him/her up over a few days and finally by saying that you have recorderd the calls and that the police have been notified at the start of this scam and that they have been traking his calls as well.

    If you help save one gullible person from this scam by worrying this idiot, you will have made the world a better place!!



    Who'd buy a canoe as a surprise for their pregnant wife?!

    never heard of water births LOL!!


    Who'd buy a canoe as a surprise for their pregnant wife?!

    Surprise - I think it would be more of a shock really :-D

    def. scam......the thought of his pregnant wife wanting a canoe made me laugh-even when (if she is pregnant or his wife) she gives birth climbing into a canoe and bounding down a river won't be high on her list of priorities-believe me after i had mine it was all i could do to sit on a chair-if my OH had given me a canoe he wouldn't have been able to sit down for a few days either !

    so a woman who works away on business trips right up to the point of giving birth has time to go look after a newborn and go canoeing? lmaoroflpuked

    Why would his wife be a business trip if she was so far into her pergnancy anyway
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