Help - Dodgy dealer refusing to fix used car under warranty!

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Posted 2nd Apr 2007
Hi guys

Im hoping someone can help me!

I bought a used clio from a little dealer. He gave me a 3000 mile/3 month warranty.

Because of the mk II clio issue with the bonnet catch, I took it to renault dealer, and they also did a free 25 point safety check/

The found several thing wrong with the car:

Gear box mount broken
exhaust mount broken
Brake pads >90% worn, discs heavily scored
Clutch is on its way out
nearside brake light out
clock light blown
Play with ball joints

I phoned the dealer twice and he just swore a lotrefused to listen and hung up! Then he told me to f*** off and said if I ever ring him again he'd come round there...blah, blah!

What do I do? the work needs doing!

Please help

Many thanks
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