HELP! Does anyone know anything about boilers?

    My hubby decided to bleed the radiators today (even after me telling him to leave it). Now we have no pressure - it's a worcester 280 and I can't find anything on their site or on the web about how to re-pressure.

    It's freezing in scotland tonight and I now have no heating :-(

    Any help would be appreciated.


    heard the Scots were tight, but breaking the boiler to save a bit takes the biscuit. lol

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    LOL I didn't break it - my hubby did and he's English!

    seems you will have to call someone out :-(

    Quote from ]this site:

    'Check what type of boiler you have. DO NOT bleed the radiators if it is a combination boiler. If you have a condensing boiler you will not have a storage tank or hot water cylinder. Types of combination boilers are: Worcester (all types), Potterton Lynx, Ferroli, Potterton, Puma, Gloworm Swift Flo, Vokera, and any District Heating System.
    If you have any doubts call us to check.'

    Also found ]this
    it would appear that this applies to your model of boiler

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    OMG - I kinda remember something happening this like before - hence why I said not to.

    Anyway - thanks a lot of your help - much appreciated. Think I'll call a heating engineer.

    If its a combi (I think it is) it will (should) have a filling loop. A braided hose connected to the cold water mains in pipe, with a connector on to connect to the heating circuit, it may already be connected, it shoudnt be by the way. Connect this pipe to circuit.

    Turn off the boiler, so it wont come on while your filling, turning thermostat down to min will be ok.
    There is a pressure guage on the front of the boiler, this has to be above 1 bar, I have them about 1.4 bar.
    Fill the system, keeping an eye on the guage, by turning the little tap 1/4 turn (there may be a service valve on the inlet aswell that you would have to open with a screwdriver, if its there)
    Turn t-stat backup, boiler should light.

    Remember not more than 1.4/5 bar!

    Also remember to turn everything off that you turn on before removing braided hose!

    its a usual problem happend to me also, you dont need to call anyone, underneath your boiler or near it should be a tap, turn it and watch the pin move when the pin moves to the indiactor tunr the tap off,

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    Thanks for your help guys - the problem is we can't find the 'valve' it's not obvious.

    Given up and called a heating engineer who is coming tomorrow.

    Thanks for the advice though - very kind of you all to try to help.

    Tell yer husband to leave what he doesnt know next time, tut ... i dont know !! hehe
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