Help ! Does anyone know anything about this ornament....... Florence

    Can anyone tell me whether this is worth anything or not ? It says "Florence" on the base with some little marks, but I cant tell what they say.


    pics ?

    lol...the avy says it need LESS of that and you need to post pics for us to see! lol :-D

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    give you 50 p for it


    give you 50 p for it

    I'll give you 50p and a curly wurly!!

    taken to pm.


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    Anyone with any proper info on it.......

    You'd have to identify the marks on the bottom, "Florence" is probably just the name given to that particular item. If you can identify the maker then it would put you in a much better position to get it valued.


    Have your walls got icing on them?

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    Have your walls got icing on them?

    Yes, I live in a cake....

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    Have a look here

    Thank you, thats helpful, rep added for your trouble. :thumbsup:
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