HELP - Dolls House Size Greyhounds WANTED

    I know it's a very strange request but my dad is celebrating his 65th birthday early next month and his cake has been made like a greyhound racing track.

    Now here's the problem (and one that should've been thought of before deciding on a theme) we need 6 greyhounds to go on the top of the cake. The biggest they can be is 2 cms as any bigger and they'll look like horses in comparison with the scale of the starting gate and stadium.

    I'm hoping that you lovely people at HUKD can help me and my mother source these little guys to make the cake look even better.


    Unfortunately, I don't think you have a dog's chance of finding these . . . especially as you are racing against time.

    Now I've had my bit of juvenile fun, I sincerely wish you success in your quest. And happy birthday, dad! :prop:

    Why don't you make your own?

    Buy the ready rolled icing for cakes. Model this into the size and shape required. Colour with food colouring or use child safe felt tip pens.

    how about making some cardboard ones - search through photobucket and other sites cut out and stick to cardboard

    Why not use whippet cream instead? :w00t:

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    Thanks for all your suggestions (even the funny ones). The trouble with making the little greyhounds out of sugar paste is their legs are too spindly and apparently the ones that did get made looked more like camels.

    Will report back if anything is suitable from all the great ideas.

    have you tried [url][/url]
    they do personalised iced figures
    they do say 10 weeks notice but if you give them a call they might be able to help

    I recommend Helen. She is doing my wedding cake, she is very talented Ive seen a lot of her work and its brilliant. She may be able to make one for you.…tml

    Cheat and print some out from internet piccies - then stick them on cardboard & use those instead of full 3d ...

    EDIT - just seen already suggested sorry!

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    Thanks to andythebrave we now have 6 little silver greyhounds on their way for the cake. It's worked out really well because the close family can all have one to keep as well as they do look great.

    Thanks everyone for your suggestions.
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