Help! Don't know much about ipod's!

Hi all

I want an ipod touch and a Bose sounddock. Will this ipod fit on it? It's the original sounddock.

Also, any ideas of the best prices.

Cheers ladies and gents.




Is it this one…VRU

The description says 'Also plays music with iPhoneTM'. So I think it will fit the ipod touch

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Is it this one … Is it this one description says 'Also plays music with iPhoneTM'. So I think it will fit the ipod touch

That's the one im after. What's the iPhone TM? (I know what an iphone is but not what the TM bit means!)



Yes, the TM would mean Trademark as it goes onto say iPod is a registered trademark and iPhone is a trademark of Apple Inc.

iPhone and iPod touch are different sizes.

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Would an ipod touch fit then?

I wouldn't see why not.

You can return it if it doesnt anyway can't you?

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Do they come with a docking adaptor as standard?

I would highly recommend you have a look at other options rather than the BOSE System.

The sound is pretty poor by BOSE standards, the price is extortionate for what it is.

Seriously have a look around and see what else you can get there are much better sound docks out there for much better prices!

I recommend an ion portable PA system for ipod. It fits my brothers touch.

Technical Details
High-output powered mountable 2-way speaker system
Built-in rechargeable battery with level indicator lasts over 12 hours
Outputs high-fidelity sound to over 150 feet
# Heavy-duty aluminum construction
Two-wheel system with retractable handle for easy portability

Comes with microphone while can be plugged in along side your ipod and guitar (if you have one like me) and away you go. Especially if you want to annoy your neighbours.

I took mine to italy over the summer and it came with me to the beach everyday. Nothing like sunbathing while listening to tunes blasting it.
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