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    Not sure if this is the right place to put this. Am trying to download the SAAB advert as I love this song - Release Me by Oh Laura. Every time I go to get the free download via the Saab website……tml it starts & immediately begins jumping & IE7 says it's encountered a problem & needs to close. I know the video is on youtube, but I really just want the song.:?


    its played through quicktime in the browser for me, u have quicktime ?

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    [SIZE=2]Thanks for that - my problem (being thick as far as downloading is concerned) is how do I save it?:? [/SIZE]
    [SIZE=2]BTW does anyone like this song?:thumbsup: [/SIZE]

    You could always download it legally of course from a filesharing oops sorry a fee paying site.:whistling:

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    But, you can legally download from the Saab site - problem is that they haven't released it (excuse the pun) yet

    It's played with quick time. Try updating your Quicktime plugin by going to ]http//ww…tml, click on free download.

    Choose the option without Itunes for the moment and it's probably best to untick all the sign-up boxes then enter your email address and click download free now.

    You'll then probably get an option to download or run - you may as well just run it.

    Follow the instructions and when complete try the Saab link again

    Don't think you can actually save it from the Saab site. Just listen to it.

    You can download it from itunes apparently.

    Another way to update Quicktime

    Start - Control Panel - double click on Quicktime.

    Click on the updates tab and click update then follow the instructions

    i found another way around it.

    Open Windows Media Player

    Click - File - Open URL

    Paste in ]http//me…mp3 and click OK

    When the file has started to play click on File - Save media as - and choose where you want to save it...


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    Thanks for all the help - am now sorted:-D
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