Help Dryer Broke any suggestions

I have a hotpoint washer dryer, model WD865 and although the washer still works the dryer has stopped working properly. The dryer still goes round and makes all the same noises as if working but it isn't heating up so clothes are still damp and cold. Also the display dial on the washer dryer that lights up that lets you know what wash or dry cyle and how long to go starts of brightly lit, then will start to flicker and by the end of the wash the screen is blank. Call out charge from hotpoint is £90 so wondering if anyone knows of anything I can try myself to help fix it. Thanks in advance.


The heater is finished! It can be repaired, but it might be better just to buy a new machine. We got rid of our dryer for exactly same reason.

The general thing is washing machines are quite basic until it comes down to the control systems,is there a local company in the yellow pages or that is cheaper?
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