help dvd to video Ipod

    :x as the title says can anyone shed any light oh "how to " download dvd music mainly to my 60gb video Ipod as i dont have a scooby doo:whistling: .

    I have about a zillion:giggle: music singles that have dvd tracks and would be nice to get them on to my any ideas? oh and a step by step guide for the computer unliterate and also have the patience of a soggy kit kat :thinking:

    oh I do have dvd shrink etc ..thanks in advance


    You will need to transcode the video into a recognised format for the ipod.

    I have used Videora, a freeware application to put movies on my Ipod. There is an issue with the sound going out of synch but if you set it up right it will work.


    It is quite a lot of hassle and to be honest I've given up putting movies on my ipod now, the screen is just too small. Much better just for music and podcasts.

    If you decide to give it a try I could offer more help on doing this, although all the information is googalable.:)

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    cheers spud I will give it a go and see what happens no doubt I will manage to fook it up somewhere along the line :giggle:
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