Help! Ebay Advice. Item Not As Described (I should have been made aware of its problems)

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Found 4th Jan 2008

I recently bought some football boots off Ebay, but after recieving them i am left disappointed. They were discribed as in 'good' condition and they the outside they were fine. However on the inside, around the balls of your feet, the padding of the sole has completely worn away and my foot rub against the boot without any padding. Now the padding of the sole of the boot is glued down, so it would almost be impossible to replace.

Now i was never told about this and i don't want to keep the boots. Not only does this make the boots very comptable, it is also very dangerous. Jamie Rednapp had to RETIRE due to a simular injury where the studs of his boots rubbed against the balls of his feet.

I was never told about this, nor was it in the item discription. Now i believe this makes the boots MAJORLY faulty as it makes them DANGEROUS and umcomptable to wear. Now i don't know where i should go from here.
Should i contact the seller, if so, what should i say?
Should i contact Ebay?
How could i get my money back through Paypal?

Thanks for the help in advance, i desparatly need it!


You should always contact the seller first - they might be able to sort the problem out. If you have no luck/no response from seller then file a dispute with paypal & see if they respond then... If not then escalate the dispute to a claim... Hopefully you'll be able to sort things out between you without paypal

Good luck

Oh & when you contact the seller tell them you're really disappointed (don't say angry/p*ssed off etc) that their not in good condition & ask them if they'd be willing to give you a refund... Keep in mind that you'll probably have to pay return postage costs...

Contact the seller first saying all that you think is wrong with them, if they refuse to take back or give you your money back you should make a claim through paypal saying that item was not as described & that you have tried to communicate with the seller but do not think you will be able to reach an amicable conclusion. Paypal might ask you to send photos of the problem area of the boots in your claim. Hope this helps

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Cheers, i will do that.

But just incase all doesn't go swell, how do i contact Paypay?
The only other problem is that is more of a problem you can feel, and i didnt really notice it until put them on. I think it would be very hard to take a photograph that will show the true problem of the boots.

hi, contact the seller first,tell them you are not happy and want to return them, if they are a genuine ebayer you should be ok, you both lose out on the deal as you will have to pay postage to return them, i would get them signed for on return post, if the seller does not reply and you paid via paypal, put in a claim as item not as described, if you do not want any more contact with the seller this is the best option as paypal always refund the buyer and the claim always goes the way of the purchaser, hope this helps

on your ebay page down the left hand side is a link to DISPUTE CENTRE click on that link it gives you all the info you need, but please contact seller first, just to cover yourself as ebay logs all emails between sellers?buyers

You can also log in to your paypal account then click "resolution centre" > then click "report a problem"

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Cheers i will send an email to the seller. The seller had 100% feedback over a large number of transactions, so hopefully will agree to a refund. If so, should i ask to be refuned for the postage it costs me to send back?

And as it cost them £4 to send to me, should i get that money back?

in most cases you get the whole amount that you paid through paypal, so seller loses sending them to you,and you lose sending them back, chance you take i`m afraid, i have returned items and got full refund,but i used signed for return post so that seller couldn`t say that they had not received them back, use 2nd class if they are under 1kg

also if you can settle amicably, no one should receive bad feedback, which is infuriating, when it isn`t your fault

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Thanks for all the help guys.

The only other question i have, if that if the seller agrees to refund me, should i get the money back before i send them back?

They'll probably refund you after they've received them back

you probably have to wait till seller receives them back, thats why i get signed for delivery, no comebacks then, ebay is all about trust, if seller says he will accept returns and has good feedback, chance is you will be ok, otherwise go through paypal

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Ok thanks for all the help guys, i will let you know how i get along.
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