HELP- epson r320 wont show in windows

    hi everyone

    i am having trouble with my printer,i cant get it installed on windows xp service pack 3.

    the funnny thing is when i plug the usb cable into the pc nothing happens (no silly noise) i have changed usb port and still nothing. i have tried a new cable and thats not working either,

    is it something silly or is the printer broke?

    thanks in advance



    check its not installed already and if it is, uninstall it and start again

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    just deleted the file heres hoping!

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    nope its failing at
    "communicating with the computer, please wait for 2 moniutes"


    "the product cannot be recognised"

    any one any ideas?

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    you usually need to install the drivers and then you'll be prompted to plug in the printer. Check device manager for unknown devices. Finally and most importantly RTFM

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    thanks but i already RTFM and its FU.

    anyone out there any ideas


    thanks but i already RTFM and its FU. anyone out there any ideas


    sounds like the usb port is malfunctioning or perhaps other software is interfering with the process.(clear via run,msconfig)
    remove the printer( if its there) through control panel,the 320r fwir is a aio so make sure you also remove any other non required usb device/drivers(composite devices) in devicemanager as one of these may be the scanner driver fouling the install
    connect through an alternate port on the rear of the machine but leave powered off, make sure you have the right drivers from epson website.
    normal procedure for epson is to only connect or power on when the install routine tells you to.

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    thanks but i already RTFM and its FU. anyone out there any ideas

    lol, it's defintely FU
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