Help: Exhuast/metal weld or similar solution?

Found 15th Aug 2010
Hi there,

Just looking for some advice on the following.

I have a road legal dune-type buggy, which i have encountered a problem with. What has happened is that a metal bracket which holds the exhaust in place, has snapped, thus meaning the exhaust can move.

The exhaust has a joint section in it, which basically has to stay together, else its a hell of a racket, lol! I can get them to meet up again, but as the bracket where the tail section of the exhaust is still attached is loose, it easily comes apart again.

I doubt i can tie a rope to it to keep it in place temporarily, as the bracket gets hot due to the heat from exhaust, hence i believe would just melt/burn.

Obviously getting the bracket welded back together is the best option, but i was just wondering if anyone knows any of the following:

1). A method of joining metal together, without having to find a professional welder?

2). A method to 'tie' something round the hot piece of metal and onto the frame, which would keep it all in place, but something that would not melt or burn? (i know this works as i currently have a bungi-cord holding it in place exactly as planned)

3). Any other options, lol?

Any help much appreciated,

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How about some metal wire? Perhaps an old coat hanger, Bend it to shape etc
If it is a flat plate bracket you could bolt or screw a strip either side to support it.
Really welding is the answer but it could be brazed or siver soldered, both require a gas torch and some knowledge of how to use it.

There are putty type adhesives that bond to metal, you mix two parts together and moult it around the break, it may be worth adding some fine wire mesh in it to strengthen it.

The wire you need is fencing wire, it is strong but will bend. B&Q's about £3.50 for a small roll, get the heavy duty stuff
You could of course get a new bracket made, take off both parts and take it to a local metalwork shop, an apprentice could knock one up for a few quid if you are lucky..

Hope that helps
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what about some large Jubilee clips

what about some large Jubilee clips

I used them to temp repair an exhaust once by interlinking four of them... got me home..…=56

ebay item no 370419396237

or cut a tin can done and use jubilee clips to hold it on

none will last long though, you do need to get it welded really
Thanks for the replies so far people! : )

The putty suggestion is interesting, as someone mentioned that before to me, but unsre how well it would work. The clip (pictured) is also looking like could be a go'er, as although i appreciate the comment 'colinsunderland', it is not the actual exhaust that is broke or has a hole in it. There is a split seciton in the exhaust, which is meant to be there, and basically you loosen a bolt/bracket, slot one section of the exhaust in to the other, then tighten it up again.

My problem however is the piece of metal that the tail end of the exhaust is attached to, has broken from the other section of the chassis, therefore doesn't stay in place, thus meaning the two sections of the exhaust just keep seperating, thus giving LOUD, unbearable noise, lol!

I really just need to get the two bits of metal back together, then the two sections of the exhaust will stay in place anyway, i hope, haha!

Thanks for replies so far though, and if anyone else has any other suggestions, please fire away.

Oh, and anyone know what the putty to bond metals is called, or where i could get some?

tbh i would take it to a small independant garage and ask for a price to weld it back together.
Sounds like a small job and might only cost a few £'s.
Then at least you know it will stay fixed, and will probably end up costing less than the putty/bolts/wire etc etc which are not permanent solutions really.
Agree with phil, It would be a two min job for a decent welder, any engineering works near you, last time I needed a small welding job, I called in on the off chancer and they sorted me out for under a tenner.
My suggestion was to keep the 2 bits of exhaust together till you get the clamp fixed
TBH for the clamp, nothing will work except welding, it shouldn't cost much at all, probably under a tenner, no more than £20 I would imagine. Go round some back street garages close to you and I'm sure you will find someone
Thanks again for the suggestions guys, and i am now swaying towards getting the 'proper' fix done, especially if it should be as cheap as you guys suggest.

Now just a case of finding a place, which hopefully won't be too bad. I work at a Uni, so gona ask the engineering department first, then maybe the Uni garage.
defo get it fixed properly - a botch job could invalidate your insurance if it falls off and causes damage / accident. Probably get done for careles driving too though changes are remote.
chances, not changes

bloody edit still dont work! how crap is that!
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