HELP Expedia has any1 booked with them

    Im trying to book holiday of a life time to NYC but during billing the final hurdle i get:

    We were unable to complete your booking at this time
    You may wish to try again later. If your itinerary requires immediate action, please call our customer service centre at (0871) 226 0808.

    Failed item:
    Flight: Edinburgh -- New York

    are they after money via their phone number or what! i have never booked a holiday online or anywhere before please help


    Avoid using the expensive 0871 number and use these numbers instead to contact Expedia

    020 3024 8208
    020 7019 2000…php

    Original Poster

    im not in the uk just now :oops:

    and every time i try to book it the price changes :?

    Are the flights with Continental? I booked these flights a while back and had no problems.

    If they are with Continental, I found them to be one of the best airlines I've been on....

    Where are you now? Maybe you need to use the local expedia site....

    thats life im afraid
    getting tickets online especially cheap ones is like watching the stock market

    I have used them many times...but had similar issues..Expedia advertise fares from other airlines and if you are booking for flights which are a bit cumbersome as in involves 2 airlines..and you havent given enough notice the price tends to fluctuate at the last minute of booking. Calling them wont help if you didnt get a reference number during book..>WASTE of time, the call center staff are polite and nice, but I doubt you would go any further..

    Try doing some comparions and I am sure you will find elsewhere too..Try [url][/url]

    they are spanish, so when you book at night they confirm the flight buts they dont charge your card till you get an email from them confirming and you get quidco of 8 quid from them ..

    Good luck

    Original Poster

    flights are airfrance and not cheap, i think maybe the plane is fully booked. getting £100 with quidco might have to go a day earlier.

    thanks for all your help
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