Posted 1st Dec 2017
I am writing with regards to a sofa i purchased from dfs.
I have received my sofa
today 01/12/2017. The sofa arrived and hubby signed for it and overlooked all the imperfections! I am absolutely horrifield with the sofa. The sofa has many flaws such as severe creases on the arm rest and the
headrest. Also the headrests are uneven in size, one higher than other, one big and one short in width. The legs of the sofa are hanging in mid air rather than resting on the floor, providing no support.

I have waited patiently for this sofa that i fell in love with at the dfs store and unfortunelty dfs has delivered me something far from this.

Out of frustration I went to the store and took a good luck at the one on the shop floor. I cannot tell you in words how perfect it is, no creases, and all headrests alighned etc, absolutely no faults even though its been in the showroom for a long period and people are trying it everyday!Ironically my brand new sofa looks worn and used whereby i paid for a brand new one. I want a replacement, how do i go about this please? What are my rights? Any advice will be appreciated, TIA

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