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    Hello Folks.

    Could do with your help.

    I am looking for a Ferry from Holyhead to Dun Laoghaire
    Depart 24th April 09* - Come back to Uk on the 27th April 09*

    Im need to travel by car, with passengers. Im heading over there with a group of mates, possibly around 100+ people.

    I have been around and tried many web-sites and they seem to be around the £200 and over mark for 1 car and passengers.

    Does anyone else recommended a web-sites, offers and anything that could help.


    Thought you were taking the micky with that price, but I just did a search and it came out as 328 quid for a car with 4 people, seems extortionate!!

    If you really are taking 100+ people, have you tried phoning the ferry operators to see if they do deals for coaches?

    Another option, you can get a return flight from Liverpool / Manchester to Dublin from about 50 quid.

    Not really much help I'm afraid, good luck with your search.

    Original Poster

    We are going by car. I rang the Irish Ferries up last night, £150.00 a car with 2 passengers they will do if we hired a ferry. So its looking a better plan

    Thank you for your ideas :thumbsup:
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