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    can someone please help me, on manager mode in squads, when you look at it its not got an stat that stays they same just one that changes with like arrows next to it, can anyone tell me how to change it back to it used to be on fifa 09 ect or is this a permanant change on fifa



    Sorry mate i cant decipher what youve written are you saying the squads are changing ?

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    sorrry, just r-reading, it does sound bad.

    well on he squad screen on fifa 09 you could flick between overall, energy ect using the R2 + L2 button and where it said overall it was just a number, but on fifa 10 its got a number with a arrow next to it, the arrow either faces up down sidways or diagonally, the number keeps changing and wih it my squad changes to the best available team according to those numbers


    are you pressing a auto select button, i remember on the pro evo games it would do this if you pressed the start button.

    This is the players form. If they play well there rating increases. I don't think theres any way of changing this back to how it was in 09.

    RB and LB still work - the squad auto changes to give players a rest - if you scroll through with RB or LB you will see that they are knackered

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    really anoying me because my players fitness is ok every match becuase my fitness coach is level 10, so no need to keep changing things
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