Help filling in a P46.

Found 28th Feb 2013
Have received a conditional offer of employment, and received a copy of my contract along with a P46 to complete. A few questions in the P46 have wording which is a bit problematic. My main issue is with a question regarding student loan repayments.

If you left a course of UK Higher Education before last 6 April and received your first UK Student Loan installment on or after 1 September 1998 and you have not full repaid your Student Loan, enter "X" in box D. Do not enter "X" in box D if you are repaying your UK Student Loan by agreement with the UK student Loans Company to make monthly payments through your bank account or building society account

I graduated University in June 2012, and haven't started paying back my loan yet. Would I be correct in thinking I shouldn't put an X in the box, as I was still in University last April 6th? It's a tad more complicated that I don't actually have a start date yet, and it will likely be sometime in April, therefore by the time I start I would have completed a university course last April 6. But given I am completing the form, dating it and posting it tomorrow, I'm inclined to leave the box blank.

Any help would be appreciated. Don't want to mess it up and not pay back my student loan when I should be, only for them to find out, get mad, and demand all the money they're owed :P
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Fill in the correct details as of the date you are filling this in, date and sign.
No - do not enter X in the box.
X is only if you should have already started repaying from last April (when you were still at uni).

Congratulations on the job!
Cheers folks Upon further reading I've only to fill in and send the P46 upon being given my start date, so that makes it a bit clearer as well.
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