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Found 16th Nov 2017
Hi to anyone that can help me,

I'm wanting to buy a new custom or pre-built gaming pc with Intel CPU and nVidia GPU.

I have a 500gb SSD (samsung 850) and a portable (4TB) usb 3 hdd which i would probably have plugged in almost all the time.

I would like maybe a M.2 SSD 120GB size for windows and maybe the odd few programs i use often with the SSD i have already holding the games.

CPU not sure if i5 is worth getting or go for an i7 anything higher i assume its far too expensive, at least a 7th gen

Graphics card it must be 1060 6gb or above

16gb RAM is a must but not sure on the 2133 or 3000 etc

The gaming case i want must be able to get rid of air top and back i would rather have a dvd drive.

The games i play are FIFA, BF, GTA, FM, AC, NFS and a few other games along with my kids enjoy playing some racing games and Roblox etc.

Ideally my budget was around £1000 but its possible to extend that, another question is with the new system would it need more than just the 4tb portable an m.2 ssd and ssd?

Overclocking in some ways i rather not in other ways maybe so, but i do want a good cooler for system.

I don't fancy building it myself but i could add a few hard drives in etc as that isn't rocket science, the problem is which of the hundreds of companies should i use also.

Sorry if this is all jumbled up i've never been great with writing stuff like this feel free to ask more info etc.

I hope you can help and or understand the above
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120GB is too small for windows, I would be looking at 240GB plus.
Didn't know that
120GB would take Windows, but not a lot else - programs can be pretty big these days, so you'd be micromanaging the space - it's doable, but 240Gb would be a lot more comfortable.

Are you dead set on Intel? Ryzen would probably be better value at that level.
At 120GB i know i can change the default settings for locations before i start installing etc.

As for Intel or Ryzen I'm not too sure on which is better tbh.
32458245-eojTG.jpgthis was a quick customise of a pre-built but ive no idea if that is overpriced or not worth getting etc.
120GB would take windows, but it's pointless buying a fast SSD unless you're doing something disk heavy - which windows isn't.

Any particular reason you want Intel and nVidia? The Ryzen 1600 and RX 580 are better choices in a lot of ways.
What is this like? Overclockers

also feel free to change it and create it better or if can find alternative i could do with the help.
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