Help find me a baseball bat

    I'm trying, with great difficulty to buy an adult baseball bat as a gift, and need it by the 20th July.

    Ideally wood (not pine) and about 32"+ long

    I'm liking…spx this one but most of the choice/value is in the usa and they won't ship or won't ship on time, and the same bat here is 5x the price without any discount codes etc being avail.

    Can anyone find me one here or abroad that isn't cheap nonsence for less than £20 incl postage? Thats still 3x the usa price but i'm getting desperate :-(


    This looks A nice bat on ebay : Item number: 280133561166

    Or this one : Item number: 110147177405

    There are a few other new ones on Ebay to.

    toys r us have a few baseball bats in. not to sure on what they actualy are, seen a metal and wood ones but couldnt tell you if its not pine

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    Thank you sooo much for trying but I've looked at everything you've posted before and it doesn't meet the spec I listed...

    I'd seen the one on e-bay but didn't want to pay £17 for a '2nd hand' one if i could get a new one for £25 (i know it says new on e-bay but i never trust it)

    anyways thanks for all your efforts, it's just proven to me i can't get a plain wood one for less than £20 so i'll go with the e-bay 'new' one and hope for the best :-(


    £24.99 for an 34" ash one at ][COLOR=red]Argos[/COLOR]

    yeah I know:giggle:

    saw in tesco today they had some new baseball bats in a set with a ball and glove, they had rounders, cricket etc also. was on an special offer of 2 for £12.

    was a woden one but could have been pine for all i know
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