Help find me a post please

    As we all know that the HUKD search is absolutely useless. It's obviously needs re-writing properly so it actually returns results which are relevant or even some results at times. I;ve been searching for a post for a while now with no luck whatsoever. Can anybody else find it and give me the link please? You may also advise me how you manipulated the serach function to get there.

    It was a deal by o2 to buy a PAYG mobile broadband dongle for £10 and get 3750 nectar points. It was posted around 22/23 of January this year and most of the words aove will be in the title. I know 'o2', '3750' and 'nectar' were all in the title.

    And if any developers see this. Why don't you fix the serahc function?



    tried for you but i cant find it either sorry...

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    I have posted on the thread before but that doesn't even show when I search under my user. Could the thread have been removed or even lost? I believe there were more thsn 20 pages of posts I think so someone must know which one im talking about. Ta.

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    whatsThePoint;8196526 searched for "broadband"


    Can see why 3750 didn't work becuase of the comma in the title. Maybe the search is case sensitive too? Pretty usless if it is!

    Thanks again.

    Using advanced search on 3750 shows…ts-

    I only mention it for completeness, in case the info is of use.

    I know it is not the actual article asked for, but has some interesting implications..

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    Looks to me like you need to "include expired" in your search options.You … Looks to me like you need to "include expired" in your search options.You need to "show tools" near the top but on the right hand side of the screen.You then need to make sure you have clicked on "include expired" and that you now have "exclude expired" showing, also near the top, but more to the middle of the screen.

    Ok, thanks. I didn't see them options.
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