Help!!! Find me a TV!!

    Hi guys. First post so be nice!

    I am looking for a new TV, here is what i require:

    LCD HD TV, Screen Size 32"
    Format: 720p & 1080i
    PC Input so i can use it as a monitor, also PIP (Picture in Picture) so i can use my PC and TV at the same time.

    In terms of price, £400 is my kind of price range.

    Let me know what you can do!



    Welcome to HUKD dave_behave

    Not sure abt the detailed specs but fits the budget...


    there is always always a 32" lcd for under £400. they get listed here very often, and nearly all the time they are the same set with different brand names on them. The digimate is one seen very often under other names and is a decent set. and if i remember correctly
    (and i will check and post back a link) if you register the set with them you get a 3year warranty.

    edit: most sets you see will look very much like this (because they are!)

    download the warranty card, if registered they offer 3 years warranty on their tv's

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