help finding 4 laptops for teanagers £1000 max in total

    Hi guys, my kids are all after laptops for xmas, max spend for all 4 is £1000, thanks.
    this is waht we are on at the moment,
    medion desktop running xp and dying slowly (family)5 years old
    packard bell HD windows 7 (hubby only)2 weeks old
    dell inspiron screen cracked (17 year olds) 4ish years old XP
    2 eeepc's bought xmas last year (13 & 15 year olds) ubantu 7inch screens
    acer something or other 4 years old but totaly dead (16 yea olds)
    and i use the stone family laptop which is 2 years old and is perfect for my needs.

    Looking for a laptop that had cd/dvd for 2 of the kids at least also looking at that zoostorm 10 inch one , this will be their laptops for the next 2 - 3 years at least so really need help as this is a large amount of money for me
    thanks you for any help xx


    have you thought about going for a netbook each, think you can get them for less than £250. Or if they could wait till just after xmas (you could do a "we owe you card" then there would be more choice due to sales. x

    Go in to a couple of your local high street shops, PC world, Currys, etc.and ask to speak to the manager. Tell him the script, x4 laptops, and see what he will do...Have a look first at what is in the £300 price range, as if you are paying cash, he might be willing to do you, 4 x £300 laptop/netbook for £1000.
    Some companies strugling, and some smart managers might welcome the easy and quick sale, all be it at reduced profit. Go for it!

    wow, which i had parent like you when i was little, was all slippers, choccies & soft toys.

    defo recommend going into a couple of shops & playing them against each other if you are ordering 4 thats goodenough amount of money to swing a really good deal. If you are in Norfolk the bennetts hi tech show is at the end of this month and they do some excellent deals for the 3 day show.

    Original Poster

    thanks guys, i'll maybe pop along to pc world later this this week and see what there is, 2 of them would be happy with net books but 2 do need drives cos 1 does activities for children's work and the other has special learning software for learning difficulties, so thanks for all the advice it's always nice to have someone to back up ideas xxxx

    Jimston, normaly we get family hand me down computers but hubby had managed to get a job 2 years after doing a 4 year collage course woohoo , so it's the first time we have been in a possition to get them something new lol, they normaly get jammies and slippers though heehee x x x x just over 6 years of struggling so it's gona feel good on xmas morning this year, last year one of the kids cried cos they never got something they had set their heart on,

    Definitely try the high street before buying on-line. I would suggest you have written down what you want and write down what they offer - it is easy to think that the DVD drive was with this one rather than that one etc, especially if comparing 2 or 3 shops. Online, Argos Ebay have had a lot of good offers, but no chance of "bulk discount". Have a look there and take what they can do into your local PC Worlds etc.

    blimey i dont envy you !, have you thought about selling the 4 kids, you'd get more then £1000 (_;)
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    I have heard really good things about Acer and Dell and they seem to be pretty good value... cnet is really good for reviews but with only 1k you will def have to buy second hand.. checkout gumtree and ebay but I would advise buying local so you can go see them first.... It is always tricky buying something used, especially lapstops...

    ebay/amazon for netbooks. also

    you can get loads of cheap entry level netbooks there.

    asda were doing deals on theres a few week ago where u could get a laptop for 275.00 and they had netbooks at 170.00 too u could try ther then at least if u have any problems within first 12 months u can take it in for a refund or replacement. i got mine from currys and when it broke had to wait weeks n weeks for em to fix it! or like someone above said go to a place like currys where the manager has discretion i was speaking to a manager in currys once who said he had a budget once a month what he is allowed to use for offering deals to customers

    Good luck - your budget is pretty tight.
    Maybe you could offset price selling some of the existing equipment you have or having an Ebay sale to raise more cash.

    Maybe visit PC world online and buy a refurbished laptop X 2 and a refurbished netbook x 2 you budget would put you in that bracket.

    well if you have +160£ you can buy 4 of these:…tml
    They seem quite nice for that price, and they might get discounted till christmas.
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