Help finding a good 50inch TV

    Wanted to see what my options were for a new 50inch (or near that) TV. But its been years since I last looked into TV that they have moved on a bit. I used to be so confident on these stats etc but now I feel out of my depth and would appreciate advice. What I do know is that for my budget and for what I want Plasma seems the only option, unless someone knows of a good projector that has the needed connections ?>

    Connection wise I know I need at least 2 HDMI, PC in (VGA) ,composite, scart, component
    Tv will be used for 360,PS3,Wii, PC, DVD and occasional Blu ray. So good image is a must.

    Due to my budget unless very cheap would have to be from a catologe unfortunately.

    IS this any good for the price ?.…743


    ]Link for the lazy

    Personally spending that much I'd be in avforums asking this question not on here.

    You can get the 42" of that tv for around £470 with a 5 year guarantee so is it worth another £300 for the bigger screen ?

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    I'm honestly unsure. I just see it as something to add to the av set up. As I use the tv for everything (gaming, PC movies etc) I see it as the main component.

    totally forgot about AVforums ,I buy and sell often enough over there but always miss the actual "forums" part.

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